CBSE Class 10   CBSE Class 10 Science

Topic Replies Activity
1. Name the gas collected at anode and cathode 2 April 5, 2019
Name the electric device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy 2 April 5, 2019
Why is there a need to harness non-conventional sources of energy? Give two main reasons 2 April 5, 2019
An object of height 1.2 m is placed before a concave mirror of focal length 20 cm 2 April 5, 2019
An element 'X' has mass number 35 and the number of neutrons, is 18 2 April 5, 2019
1. In which direction does he move the lens to focus the flame on the screen? 2 April 5, 2019
Mention the essential material (chemicals) to prepare soap in the laboratory 2 April 5, 2019
In the experimental set up for determination of resistance of a given resistor 2 April 5, 2019
A Zinc granule changes the colour of ferrous sulphate and an iron nail changes the blue colour of copper sulphate 2 April 5, 2019
With the help of labelled diagram, discuss the mechanism of respiration in human beings 2 April 5, 2019
Explain the given reactions with the examples: 1. Hydrogenation reaction 2 April 5, 2019
1. How do we classify elements? 2 April 5, 2019
Give the steps involved in the extraction of metals of low and medium reactivity 2 April 5, 2019
What are the different methods of contraception? 2 April 5, 2019
1. How can you contribute as an individual or make a difference to the management of: 2 April 5, 2019
Energy from various sources is considered to have been derived from the Sun. Do you agree? 2 April 5, 2019
What does the direction of thumb indicate in the right-hand thumb rule? 2 April 5, 2019
Two lamps, one rated 40 W at 220 V and the other 60 W at 220 V, are connected in parallel 2 April 5, 2019
A 14 year old student is not able to see clearly the question’s 1. Name the defect of vision he is suffering from? 2 April 5, 2019
Name the four parts labelled as a, b, c and d in given diagram and write their functions 2 April 5, 2019
What are tropic movements? Name the types of tropic movements in plants 2 April 5, 2019
What are the differences between the transport of materials in xylem and phloem? 2 April 5, 2019
Using this table, explain why 1. Li and Na are considered as active metals 2 April 5, 2019
A substance ‘X’ used in the kitchen for making tasty pakoras and is also an ingredient of antacid 2 April 5, 2019
An old person is unable to see clearly nearby objects. (a) What defect of vision is he suffering from? 2 April 5, 2019
Plot a graph between current (I) and potential difference (V) and determine the resistance (R) of the resistor 2 April 5, 2019
An object of height 4.0 cm is placed at a distance of 30 cm form the optical centre 2 April 5, 2019
Draw diagrams of what he observes (in proper squence) 2 April 5, 2019
List the steps of preparation of temporary mount of a leaf peel to observe stomata 2 April 5, 2019
When a solution of sodium sulphate is added to a solution of barium chloride taken in a test tube? 2 April 5, 2019