CBSE Class 7   CBSE Class 7 Science

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Why does a balloon taken near a candle burst? (2)
The picture in figure shows tree line along the sea coast on an island near the equator (1)
Explain briefly how the uneven heating between the equator and the poles generate wind currents (1)
Describe an activity to demonstrate that warm air is lighter than cool air (1)
List two reasons that can cause floods (1)
List the dangers associated with a cyclone (1)
Write three precautions that need to be taken during a thunderstorm (1)
Write three precautions that need to be taken in cyclone prone areas (1)
Which one of the following place is unlikely to be affected by a cyclone? (1)
What planning is required in advance to deal with the situation created by a cyclone? (1)
How will you help your neighbours in case cyclone approaches your village/town? (1)
Explain why holes are made in hanging banners and hoardings (1)
You want to buy a house. Would you like to buy a house having windows but no ventilators? Explain your answer (1)
State two experiences that made you think that air exerts pressure other than those given in the text) (1)
Suggest two methods to find out wind direction at a given place (1)
Suggest some precautions to be taken to prevent the roof of a tin sheet from flying away during a fierce wind storm (1)
When strong/high speed wind blows, an umbrella held upright at times gets upturned (1)
Paheli kept an empty bottle made of plastic inside a refrigerator (1)
Explain how soil pollution and soil erosion could be prevented (1)
List the differences between clayey soil and sandy soil (1)
Explain how soil is formed (1)
In towns and cities, generally, the bore wells have to be dug very deep to get water as compared to bore wells dug in villages (1)
Gardeners gently dig up the soil around the roots of garden herbs (plants) frequently (1)
Why is soil erosion relatively less in dense forests as compared to barren, open fields? (1)
Continuously water-logged soils are disadvantageous for plant growth. Why? (1)
How can you calculate the absorption of water by soil? (1)
What are the constituents of soil? (1)
List two harmful effects of soil erosion (1)
What is soil profile? Name the layers found in soil profile (1)