With the help of any four points

With the help of any four points, explain ’the crucial role that organising plays in an enterprise.
What is meant by organising as a process? Explain any four points highlighting the importance of organising.
’Organisation is the harmonious adjustments of specialised parts of the accomplishment of some common purpose or purposes’. In the light of this statement, explain any four points of importance of organising.

Organising is the process of defining and grouping activities and establishing authority relationships among them.
Importance of organising :

The organising function helps in the growth and survival of an enterprise in a dynamic environment by providing the following benefits:

  1. Benefits of Specialization
    It facilitates the systematic allocation of work. This reduces the workload as well as enhances productivity, as each task is repetitively performed by a worker which helps him to gain experience and attain specialization.
  2. Clarity in Working Relationships
    The establishment of working relationships clarifies the lines of communication and specifies who is accountable to whom.
    Thus, there is no confusion regarding performance of work, fixation of responsibility and communication.
  3. Optimum Utilization of Resources
    It leads to proper usage of all materials, financial and human resources by proper assignment of jobs. Assignment of jobs to workers reduces duplication of work, prevents confusion, minimises wastages and allows the best possible use of resources.
  4. Adaptation to Change
    It facilitates modification in organisational structure and revision of inter-relationships among people in order to adapt to environmental changes.
    It also helps to provide stability and growth, despite of external changes occurring in business environment.
  5. Effective Administration
    It gives a clear description of duties and responsibilities of each individual. This helps to avoid confusion regarding work and avoids duplication of activities. Thus, it helps in bringing efficiency in administration.
  6. Development of Personnel
    It stimulates creativity amongst the managers. Effective delegation allows the managers to reduce their workload by assigning routine jobs to their subordinates.
    This helps subordinates to develop newer skills and - ability to deal effectively with emerging challenges. Thus, it helps in the development of personnel.
  7. Expansion and Growth
    It helps in the growth and diversification of an enterprise by adding more, job positions, departments and new lines of product.
    This helps in increasing sales volume and profits of the enterprise.