The directors of Alfa Ltd

The directors of Alfa Ltd, an organisation manufacturing computers, have asked their production manager to achieve a production target of 150 computers per day. The production manager has asked his foreman to achieve this target, but he did not give him the authority for the requisition of tools and materials from the stores department. The foreman could not achieve the desired target.Can the directors blame the production manager and can the production manager blame his foreman for not achieving target? Discuss.

The production manager cannot blame the foreman, if he is not able to achieve the desired target, as the authority delegated to a subordinate should be equal to his responsibility. Authority and responsibility of a subordinate should go hand in hand.
This principle suggests that if a subordinate is given the responsibility to do a particular task in a proper manner, he should be given adequate authority to perform the task. Similarly, if a subordinate is given authority to do a particular task, he should be equally held responsible for doing the task in the proper manner.
In this case, the production manager has not given authority to the foreman for the requisition of tools and materials from the. store department.Therefore, foreman cannot be held responsible for not achieving the desired result. But, the director can blame the production manager for not achieving the target.