You read about ‘Brain dead’ in this chapter

You read about ‘Brain dead’ in this chapter. What discussions would you like to have when you think so ?
A. 1) When some one is brain dead, there is no blood flow or oxygen to their brain.
2) The brain stops functioning in any capacity
3) Because the ventilator is breathing for the person organs such as the heart and
liver continue to receive oxygen and one able to function for a few days after the brain has dead. ’
4) Unless damaged by injury we can transplant organs like kidney, liver, heart, lungs, pancreas, skin, bone, intestine and eyes (Retina) from brain dead patients.
5) The process of transplantation of organs from brain dead patients to another is called cadaver transplantation.
6) There is very less awareness among people about organ donation.
7) Society needs much awareness in organ donation so that we can save many lives who are in need of different organs for their survival.*
8) Those who are willing to donate their organs have to sign in an application form at transplantation facility hospital.
9) Some voluntary organisation like working on this aspect.