You are John A Pescud

You are John A Pescud. Write an informal letter to your friend telling him how things changed for good as far as your meeting with Jessie and Colonel Allyn was concerned, resulting in a happy ending.

House No 12
East End, Pittsburgh 94565
3rd July, 19XX
Dear Donald,
We haven’t met for a long time. I think it’s almost two years. How time flies!
I have some interesting news updates from my end. You will be happy to know that I’m married now.
I first saw my beautiful wife on a train, followed her to her home and met her father, a retired Colonel. It took me six months to convince her and her father that I had a good career going and was the right man for her.
I have done a good job selling plate-glass and have received increments in my salary twice, besides earning some commissions. With my savings, I purchased some property and built a house. I live in it with my wife and father-in-law as a complete happy family.
Looking forward to news from your end.
With kind regards,