You are given tall pea plants with yellow seeds

(i) You are given tall pea plants with yellow seeds, whose genotypes are unknown. How would you find the genotype of these plants? Explain with the help of cross.
(ii) Identify A, B and C in the table given below:

(i) The given tall pea plant with yellow seeds need to be crossed with a dwarf plant with green seeds.
(a) The dominant traits are tallness and yellow colour of seeds. The recessive traits are dwarfness and green colour of seeds.
(b) cross between tall plant/yellow seeds and dwarf plant/green seeds.Cross showing heterozygous nature for both traits.

In this cross, the F_{ 1 } -generation shows four phenotypes in the ratio of 1 : 1 : 1 : 1. So, the given plant is heterozygous for both the traits.
(ii) A - Dominant trait
B - Dominance
C - Phenotype obtained in between of two parental traits.