You are asked to draw a label for a company's product

You are asked to draw a label for a company’s product (chocolate). Mention what things will you keep in mind and furnish the information on the label of a product.

Labelling is the process of putting label on the product. Generally, the producer is at liberty to choose the kind of label. But, it has been made compulsory by the government to use label for some products. Besides this, the description of label has also been fixed, e.g. it is mandatory to use the label along with its stipulated information on medicines and processed food.A good label should provide the following information:
(i) Name and address of the producer/dealer.
(ii) Weight and measurement of the product.
(iii) Size, colour and appearance of the product.
(iv) Raw materials used in production.
(v) Directions for the proper use of the product and cautions against misuse,
(vi) Date of packing and date of expiry.
(vii) Maximum retail price including local taxes.