You are a businessman and want to outsource your, services

You are a businessman and want to outsource your, services. In this context, discuss any two services which you want to outsource.

Being a businessman, I want to outsource following two services
(i) Financial Services Companies require to obtain several financial services from outside or external sources (i.e., outsourcing) because they don’t possess the infrastructure and capability to perform such services. These include underwriting of securities, merchant banking, registration of share transfers, etc.
(ii) Advertising Services Firms need to advertise their goods and services that require specialized handling. They can outsource this assignment to advertising agencies. Such agencies help their clients in preparing the advertisement budget, advertisement programme and advertisement copy. They prepare advertisement films, documentaries and other promotional material on behalf of their clients. They also help the clients in choosing the ad media such as TV, radio, newspaper, hoarding, etc and this will help in gaining the advantage of this service.