"Yoga can play a significant role in Sports." Justify

“Yoga can play a significant role in Sports.” Justify.

Role of Yoga in sports : Yoga and sports are often seen in opposition. Yoga is for practice whereas sports emphasis is placed upon training. Yoga is an excellent exercise for the body, mind and soul and helps sports-persons to become more agile, stronger and focused. The prolonged practice of yoga leads the student to a sense of peace with his/her environment. Asanas cater to the needs of every individual according to his physical condition and capacity. Following points justify the role of sports :
(i) Stimulates and changes emotional attitude : Yoga has a major relation to have control on our emotions. In the field of games and sports if a player does not have control over his emotions he fails to give out his actual performance… He is not adjusted to outside environment, hostile crowd, spectators which directly affects his performance level. With the help of Yoga one learns to have patience and have control on one’s emotions which results in courage, positive thinking and mental equilibrium.
(ii) Helps you feel relaxed : A regular practice either before or after sports and games helps you to feel relaxed, at ease and happy. After vigorous workout an individual feels tired and his muscles are stressed and strained. We can overcome fatigue with the help of yoga asanas by relaxing body and mind.
(iii) Quick recovery after injury: We all know the fact that injuries do take place in sports ground in spite of being careful. Games and sports involve quick forceful body movement so chances of injuries are more. We must not exert ourselves immediately after injury heals up because
there is weakness in muscles. Yoga helps to strengthen connective tissues and creates mobility of joints. Injured part can regain its strength quickly with the help of Yoga.