Write the various factors along with self assessment for career's

Write the various factors along with self assessment for career’s choice ?

One must consider the following factors along with self-assessment for career’s choice.
(i) Interest of Individual : Interest is very important towards that subject. Forcing or pressurising feedback declines the interest. So one should be well aware about the subject, get sufficient knowledge about it, with own interest.
(ii) Needs of the Subject: Find the genuine need for the career or profession. Also compare those needs. Also realise its importance in the future and the need of society about it in future.
(iii) Set Self-Goals : After deciding the career option, set the smaller goals in it. They should be approachable and set them in proper sequence. Then try to fulfil them step by step.
(iv) Information About it : One must go through lot of informations aboul it. This helps him to compare other prospects. This can be gained through experts, teachers, councillors, media, etc.
(v) Self-Assesment: One must consider own abilities arid the lacking, by self-assessment. Compare those abilities according to the needs of the career. Find and consider the lacking and how to overcome those lacking.
(vi) Comparison: Compare the collected data with other career options. Take help from family members, teacher, etc. Get opinion for the same and then decide your career option.