Write the significance of dipole moment

The applications of dipole moment are
(i) The dipole moment helps to predict whether a molecule is polar or non-polar. As µ = q X d, greater is the magnitude of dipole moment, higher will be the polarity of the bond. For non-polar molecules, the dipole moment is zero.
(ii) The percentage of ionic character can be calculated as
Percentage of ionic character = µobserved/ µionic x 100
(iii) Symmetrical molecules have zero dipole moment although they have two or more polar bonds. (In determination of symmetry).
(iv) It helps to distinguish between cis- and trans-isomers. Usually trans-isomer has higher dipole moment than trans- isomer.
(v) It helps to distinguish between ortho, meta and para-isomers. Dipole moment of para- isomer is zero. Dipole moment of ortho- isomer is greater than that of meta-isomer.