Write the measures to remove poverty in India?

Poverty is a chronic malady. It has to be removed by making every kind of effort possible.
(i) Control over population : Population control is the need of the hour. If rate of growth of per capital income becomes more than population growth rate, it will help to reduce the poverty.
(ii) Higher rate of economic growth : Poverty
can only be removed by raising economic growth rate in the country. It will raise the income resulting in increase in consumption expenditure.
(iii) Minimum needs programme : Government should try to implement minimum needs programmes effectively. Every person should be provided with basic needs of life.
(iv) Reduction in inequalities of income : Poverty
removal is also possible through removal of inequalities of income. It will help in transferring income from asset owning persons to non-asset owning persons, known as trickle down effect. It will reduce the gap between rich and the poor.
(v) Control over inflation : Government must adopt price control measures so that the standard of living of poor workers is not adversely affected. They must be given due compensation for price rise.
(vi) Social security measures : Industrial workers should be provided with adequate social security measures like pension, gratuity, maternity leave etc. It will improve the status of elderly industrial workers