Write the measures that can strengthen and deepen democracy

Write the measures that can strengthen and deepen democracy.


  • Decentralisation of authority should take place. Based on separation of powers, power should be decentralised at the local level. It would make government more responsive to the needs of the people.
  • Political parties using caste, religion, violence and separatism as vote-bank factors should be banned.
  • Right to Information (RTI) Act should be strengthened so that the rule of law should be implemented realistically.
  • It is said that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. It means that people should always be alert to preserve their freedom. For this, it is essential to have an enlightened public opinion. Agencies like mass media, political parties, educational institutions and pressure groups should help in the generation of public opinion. Curbs on any agency would act as a hindrance in the development of sound public opinion which is essential for the smooth functioning of democracy.
  • Mass media like TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and journals should play an important role in strengthening the freedom of people by spreading awareness and enlightenment and keeping the government on toes by pointing out its loopholes.
  • People should be given a right to recall their representatives if they are not working in public interest.
  • The term of parliamentary institutions should be fixed so that political instability does not hinder development.
  • Women, dalits and backward castes should be given adequate representation so that all communities receive adequate political say.
  • Election Commission should be given more powers to make stringent laws, banning parties using money and muscle power.
  • State funding of elections should be started.
  • The bureaucrats should be made more responsive to the needs of people.
  • Lokpal should be created to check corruption in public life.
  • Institutions of governance should be strengthened to reduce politics of expediency and opportunism.
  • Citizens should become more active and enlightened to keep a vigil on the functioning of democracy.