Write the general rules of Tennis

Write the general rules of Tennis.

(i) Choice of Side or Service : The choice of the court that each player will occupy first and who will serve first are chosen by toss.
(ii) Service Rules : A player has to deliver the service behind the base-line. It should be served diagonally across the net. It should land correctly in opponents service court (same side) without touching top of net. Net touched correct serve is ‘let’ which should be replayed. Server has two chances to deliver the correct service (‘fault’ or ‘one miss’) otherwise loss of point. In beginning of each game it is delivered from right side of court.
(iii) Return of Service : To return the service, the receiver strikes the ball after one bounce over the net and within the boundaries of opponent court.
(iv) During Rally : After the service has been correctly returned, the player may volley the ball (direct hit without bounce) or hit it after its first bounce and the points continue until one player fails to make correct return.
(v) Point Awarded : Point is awarded if player fails to hit the ball over the net, hits the ball outside the opponent’s boundaries or fails to hit it before it strike the ground second time on his side of the net.
(vi) Win of Game and Scoring : To win a game, player must win four points and by margin of two. The scoring goes like ‘15,30,40’ (Zero is referred as ‘love’). The server score is called upon first.