Write the character sketch of Mrs. Packletide

Write the character sketch of Mrs. Packletide.

Mrs. Packletide, as portrayed in the story, is a typical woman. She is competitive, jealous, materialistic and vain. When Loona Bimberton tells her about the personally procured tiger skin, she immediately decides to honour her and present her a tiger-claw brooch. This incident points towards her competitive and jealous nature. In order to hunt the tiger by all means, she goes to the extent of offering one thousand rupees to the villagers for shooting a tiger without any risk or exertion. In the end when she killed the goat instead of the tiger, the paid companion, Louisa tries to blackmail her by asking for a cottage which she does buy so that none comes to know the truth. So, she is a worldly lady who cares more for her reputation than her money.