Write the changes a fertilized ovule undergoes within the ovary in an angiosperm plant

A fertilized ovule undergoes with the following changes in the ovary in an angiosperm plant:
Funiculus --> Present
Hilum --> Present
Integument --> Seed coat
Outer integument --> Testa
Inner integument --> Tegman
Chalaza --> Present
Micropyle --> Present
Nucellus —> Absent
Embryo sac:
Antipodal cells --> Degenerate
Synergid cells --> Degenerate
Central cells --> Endosperm
Egg --> Embryo
When the unfertized ovule passes through double fertilization, it makes fertilized ovule and then seeds. In this process funiculus and hilum are present. Outer integument makes texta and inner integument in tegman. Chalaza and micropyle are present but nuclellus is absent. In embryo sac antipodals and synergids degenerate. The central cell makes endosperm, and the egg changes into embryo.