Write short notes on the following Fundamental Rights

Write short notes on the following Fundamental Rights.
(a) Right to Freedom of Religion
(b) Cultured and Educational Rights

(a) Right to Freedom of Religion
Right to Freedom of Religion, covered in Articles 25,26,27 and 28 of our Constitution, provides religious freedom to all citizens of India.
The objective of this right is to sustain the principle of secularism in India. India is a secular state and there is no official religion in India.
According to the Constitution, all religions are equal before the state, Every person has a right to profess, practice and propagate the religion of his choice.
(b) Cultural and Educational Rights
As India is a country of many languages, religions and cultures, the Constitution provides special measures in Article 29-30, to protect the rights of the minorities. Here, the Constitution specifies the Cultural and Educational Rights of the minorities.
Any section of citizens with a distinct language or culture have a right to conserve it. No citizen can be discriminated against for admission in state or state aided institutions.
All minorities, religious or linguistic, can set-up their own educational institutions to preserve and develop their own culture.