Write one point difference between each of the following

(i)Write one point difference between each of the following:
(a) Amphibian and Reptiles
(b) Aves and mammals
© Gymnosperm and angiosperm
(ii)Classify the following into respective Phylum, class: jellyfish; earthworm;
cockroach; rat.

(i)The differences are:
(a) Amphibians have moist, smooth and glandular
skin while reptiles have a scaly non-glandular, dry and keratinised skin. (1)
(b) Bones of Aves are hollow or pneumatic, while in mammals, bones do not have air cavities. (1)
© In gymnosperms, seeds are naked while in angiosperms, seeds are enclosed in a fruit wall.
(ii)The given animals are classified as follows:
Jelly fish—Phylum-Coelenterata
Rat—Phylum-Chordata, Class-Mammalia