Write down the various types of unemployment in India

Various types of unemployment are as follows :
Voluntary unemployment: “Those people are known to be “Voluntarily unemployed, who are not working by choice”. They do not avail for an employment opportunity because they consider such a job as below their dignity. Higher education is one of the major causes of, being voluntarily unemployed in India.

(ii) Disguised unemployment : Disguised unemployment means that number of workers employed in a job are much more than j actually required. It is invisible in nature but i when some workers are withdrawn from a j work, total production remains unchanged. It is said to be disguised unemployment.
(iii) Open employment: “By open unemployment we mean all those unemployed who have no work to do while they are willing to work on prevailing wages.”
(iv) Educated unemployment : Such type of unemployment which arises due to expansion of educational facilities at school and university level, is known as educated unemployment. It can be found among professionals as well as among people holding General Educational Degrees.
(v) Frictional unemployment : That unemployment which arises due to imperfections of labour market is known as frictional unemployment. It arises due to movement of labour from one industry to another or from one place to another. It is of temporary nature and vanishes with the removal of market imperfections.
(vi) Structural unemployment: Structural unemployment arises due to change in demand pattern and supply structure. With the passage of time, when demand pattern of goods changes there will be change in demand pattern for labour. Some labour in one sector becomes idle while there may be demand in the other sector.
Since labour cannot immediately switch over to new pattern, therefore, it causes structural unemployment.