Write differences Functions of PCT and DCT

Write differences Functions of PCT and DCT
**A.**Functions of PCT and DCT:
Functions of PCT:

  1. Reabsorbs glucose, amino acids, phosphates, potassium, urea and other organic - solutes from the filtrate into the peritubular network.
  2. The PCT regulates pH of the filtrates by exchanging hydrogen ions in the interstitium for bicarbonate ions in the filtrate.
  3. It is also responsible for secreting organic acids such as creatinine and other bases into the filtrate.
  4. Proximal convoluted tubule regulate the pH of the filtrate in the kidneys.
    Functions of DCT
  5. It maintains a proper concentration and pH of the urine.
  6. Extra salts, ions of K+, Na+, Cr and H+ secretes from peritubular capillaries into DCT.
  7. It secretes ammonium ions and hydrogen ions.
  8. It is relatively impermeable to water but in the pressure of Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) its permeability to water increases making urine concentrated.