Write any four important functions of each :

Write any four important functions of each :
(a) Epithelial tissue (b) Connective tissue
© Muscular tissue.

(a) Functions of Epithelial Tissue :
(i) These protect the underlying tissues from mechanical and chemical injuries, dehydration and infection.
(ii) It act as selective barriers.
(iii) Surface epithelia produce skeletal structures like
scales, feathers, hair, nails, claws, horns, hoofs etc.
(iv) Ciliated epithelia moves mucus or other fluids in the ducts, they line,
(b) Functions of Connective Tissues :
(i)They primarily join one tissue to another in the
(ii) Skeletal connective tissues like bone and cartilages,
form a supporting framework for the body.
(iii) Adipose tissues acts as shock absorber around some
organs, such as eye balls and kidneys. (iv) Fluid connective tissue, like blood and lymph, carry
materials from one part to another in the body.
© Functions of Muscular Tissues :
(i) They are involved in the movements of the body
parts and locomotion of the organism.
(ii) They are responsible for the heart-beat, production
of sound and peristalsis in tubular viscera.
(iii) They support the bones and other structure.
(iv) They play an important role in parturition (childbirth).