Write an essay on te topic "LIFE WITHOUT MATHEMATICS"

Write an essay on te topic “LIFE WITHOUT MATHEMATICS”.

Imagine a life without numbers ? The subject is applied to everything in this world. The basic building block of mathematics is numbers, which enables us to compare things with one another and without which calculations are not possible.

let us imagine a world without numbers. Imagine a day without calendar and time. How would you know the time, since watches and calendars use numbers? You would miss even your own birthday, your friends birthdays since all the days will be same in your life.

Consider that you need a toy. How will you buy a toy since you donot know how to count ? Without mathematics, you cannot do trade and do any business.

How will a chemist prepare medicines if he donot know how to weigh things. He would not have an accurate measurement of ingredients to be used. All the technological innovations (eg. electricity etc. ) that have occured and the luxuries (eg. car, ac etc.) which you enjoy would not be there.

Even persons who donot like / understand maths have to use mathematics. Mathematics is a core part of our life. Mathematics is not very difficult if you understand the basics. In our basic classes we had understood addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The basic is applied over and over again to all the chapter such as integers, fractions, simple interest, linear equations, rational numbers, mensuration, geometry etc. It is just your attitude that makes the subject how it is. If your attitude is good, then you will enjoy the subject otherwise you will find it boring.