Write an essay on drugs and sports relationship

Write an essay on drugs and sports relationship.

(a)Drugs and Sports : Drugs are life saving as well as life threatening chemicals. They are used by sportspersons for different purposes. Some sportsmen use these drugs to improve their performance. These drugs have an effect but the side effects are dangerous. Performance enhancing drugs are banned in sports. International Olympic Committee (IOC) has recommended only natural sources of diet for sports performance. But many players use these drugs to improve their performance in sports without knowing their consequences. These drugs are of various types and they are named as urine secretion. These reduce the natural appetite; may lead to malnutrition, under nutrition; body fainting, etc.
(b) Beta-Blockers : These are anxiety reducing agents which are used in games that involve concentration and risk. They reduce the anxiety, lower the heart rate, reduce body temperature, reduce stress, relax muscles (wilhout loss of control). These are generally used by shooters, ski-divers/ jumpers, motor racing players, etc. It causes serious health problems in later age.
© Growth Harmones : These are usually animal hormones/proteins used for increasing the muscle mass, height and size of body. These are generally used by bodybuilders, throwers, jumpers, basketball players, etc. They affect adversely leading to unbalanced height and size; postural deformity may arise; bones may be defected; May lead to a lot of overweight, etc.
(d) Steroids : These are very strong chemicals which are used by players during training period. They promote growth and healing process. These are effective for speed, power and strength activities. They are usually made from animal sex organs. They increase the heart rate, body temperature, respiration, body weight, muscle mass, blood circulation; faster healing and re-building of tissues, etc. They adversely affect the body leading to heart attack, cause cancer (kidney or liver), infertility (in females), male voice (in females), hair shedding, decrease in sexual power, muscular body (in females), hypertension, aggressive behaviour, uncontrolled emotions, etc.
(e) Narcotics : These are drugs which make people slow and sleepy. They are good pain killers. They help in long endurance activities. They are used during training period to remove the feeling of restlessness and tiredness. These drugs have various side effects like slow response, decline in activity, addiction, etc. Examples of these are morphin (ganja), opium, heroin, methodone, cocaine, etc. They are also found in cough syrups and pain killers.
(f) Stimulants : These are chemicals which have direct effect over central nervous and cardio-vascular systems. These drugs improve work output ability by reducing the feeling of fatigue. It increases the heart rate and reduces the reaction time. Examples of these are caffeine (in coffee), amphetamines (in cough syrups), Aephedrine (in muscle gel) They are used to increase endurance and speed. Its toxic effects are aggressive and violent behaviour.