Write an activity to show that

Write an activity to show that whether all compounds containing hydrogen are acids or not.

Procedure :

  1. Prepare glucose, alcohol, hydrochloric and sulphuric acid solution…
  2. Fix two iron graphite rods on a rubber cork and place the cork in a 100 ml beaker.
  3. Connect two different coloured electrical wires to graphite rods separately as shown in figure.
  4. Connect free ends of the wire to 230 volts AC plug.
  5. Complete the circuit as shown in the figure by connecting a bulb to one of the wires.
  6. Now pour some dilute HCZ in the beaker and switch on the current.
    Observation : The bulb starts glowing.
    Repeatation : Repeat activity with dilute sulphuric acid, glucose and alcohol so-lutions separately.

    Observation :
  7. We will notice that the bulb glows only in acid solutions.
  8. But the bulb not glows in glucose and alcohol solutions.
  9. Glowing of bulb indicators that there is flow of electric current through the solution.
  10. Acid solutions have ions and the movement of these ions in solution helps for flow of electric current through the solution.
    Conclusion :
  11. The positive ion (cation) present in HCl solution is {{H}^{+}}.
  12. This suggests that acids produced hydrogen ions H+ in solution, which are responsible for their acidic properties.
  13. In glucose and alcohol solutions the bulb did not glow indicating the absence of {{H}^{+}} ions in these solutions.
  14. The acidity of acids is attributed to the {{H}^{+}} ions produced by them in solutions.