Write an activity to check when a bulb glows in a circuit

Aim : To check when a bulb glows in a circuit.
Materials required :

  1. A bulb 2) a battery 3) a switch 4) insulated copper wire
    Procedure (1) :
  2. Take a bulb, a battery, a switch and few insulated copper wires.
  3. Connect the ends of the copper wires to the terminals of the battery through the bulb and switch.
  4. Now switch on the circuit.
    Observation (1) : The bulb glows.
    Procedure (2) :
  5. Remove the battery from the circuit and connect the remaining components to make a complete circuit.
  6. Again switch on the circuit and observe the bulb.
    Observation (2) : The bulb does not glows.
    Result: The battery contains charges which glows the bulb.