Write a short note on 'management as profession'

Write a short note on ‘management as profession’.
Do you think management has the characteristics o£ full-fledged profession?
Discuss the basic features of management as profession.

Management as a profession Profession means occupation that requires specialised knowledge and a practice of formal education, which is acquired from the respective professional body. The basic features of a profession are:
(i) Systematised body of knowledge A
profession is based on a systematised body of knowledge.
(ii) Restricted entry Entry into a profession - restricted through an examination or degree.
(iii) Professional association All professionals are bound to be a part of a professional association. .
(iv) Code of conduct All professionals are subject to an ethical code of conduct.
(v) Service motive The basic motive of each professional is to render committed service to the society.
Following points clarify whether management is a profession or not:
(i) Like profession, management has well defined body of knowledge. It has its own principles, which are based on experiments.
(ii) In management, no such restriction is there for managers to clear an examination or hold a degree.
(iii) In management, no such rules and regulations are framed to guide the managers.
(iv) Membership to a professional association like AIMA, is not mandatory for managers.
(v) All managers, directly or indirectly work for the development of society.
Conclusion Thus, management does not possess all the essential attributes of a profession. No doubt, management though not a full fledged profession, is emerging as a profession.