Write a short note on child birth

Write a short note on child birth.
A. 1) Toted time required for the embryonic and foetal development is about 9 months or 280 days. _
2) After this time, foetus is expelled from the uterus by the mother. This is child birth.
3) Child birth is a complicated process and involves the participation of child and mother.
4) The foetal hormones produced inside, stimulate the contraction of the muscles present in the walls of uterus.
5) These contractions called labour pains help in the expulsion of the foetus from the uterus.
6) During this process the amnion ruptures, placenta is separated from the walls of the uterus.
7) At child birth the head usually comes out first. -
8) The foetus is still attached to the mother’s uterus through the umbilical cord, which is