Write a note on Modern Olympic Games

Write a note on Modern Olympic Games.

Modem Olympic Games :
The revival work of Modern Olympic Games was undertaken 'by Baron Pierre De Coubertin, nearly 1500 years after the last Ancient Olympic Games. Coubertin was bom in an Italian family and settled in France. In the Conference of Physical Education on 25th November 1892, Coubertin first pronounced the ‘Restoration of Olympic Games’ He said that these games would enable to strengthen amature sports to develop everlasting qualities for modern education.
Later in June 1894 in the International Conference of Amateur Sports at Paris, passed the resolution to create International Olympic Committee (IOC), to observe the conduct of Modern Olympic Games. Coubertin planned to propose the site of first Modern Olympic Games in 1900 at Paris. But the zeal of the delegates was so much that they insisted the first games to be held in 1896 at Athens. Since then these games were held after every four years. The honour of holding the Modern Olympic Games is entrusted to city and not to a country or region. The choice of city for the celebration is with IOC.