Write a note on functioning of sports authority of India

Write a note on functioning of sports authority of India.

S.A.I. (Sports Authority of India): S.A.I. was , established in 1984 as a registered society. It strives to promote sports and develop excellence by upgrading the skills of Indian sportspersons. S.A.I. ensures the effective and optimum utilization of various sports facilities and is concerned with sports promotion and management. In pursuance of its objectives, S.A.I. chalks out and implements various schemes approved within the S.A.I. and schemes of the Department. The main schemes of S.A.I. are- National Sports Talent Contest (N.S.T.C.), Special Area Games (S.A.G.) sports projects Development Area and sports hostel scheme. Today sports Authority of India plays mentor to hundreds of young sportsmen from all over India, providing them with various training facilities, advanced infrastructure, Scholarships are awarded by Govt, of India at state level, national level, for college and University students and special scholarships for women. It also co-ordinates various sports activities in the country.