Write a note on economic importance of algae and gymnosperms

Economic importance of Algae :
(a) Agar is obtained commercially from Gelidium and Gracilaria which is widely used in the preparation of jellies, puddings, cream etc.
(b) Some brown algae are menace for shipping.
© Some species of Porphyra, Laminaria and Sargassum are used as food.
(d) An antibiotic chlorellin is extracted out from Chlorella.
Economic importance of Gymnosperm:
(a) Conifers provide enomorous amount of soft wood for construction, plywood, paper industry etc.
(b) Seeds of Pinus (Chilgoza) are edible.
© Saw dust of conifers is used in making linoleum and plastics.
(d) Ephedrine drug is obtained from Ephredra used in asthma.