Write a note on drug addiction hazards

Write a note on drug addiction hazards.

Drug Addiction Hazards : Drug addiction has very serious effects on health and personality of addicts. Harmful drugs, when taken without medical supervision and as a consequence of addiction, lead to many ailments such as loss of appetite leading to liver damage, loss of sleep, muscular pains and damage of our vital internal organs. The changes in behaviour are often reflected in the addict life leading to a withdrawn or secluded life, making him appear relaxed, may be easily moved to tears or may laugh suddenly. He may suffer from bouts of pains when in need of drug.
The procurement of drugs is a costly affair because most of the banned drugs are traded illegally. On account of its financial implications, drug addiction often leads to anti-social behaviours such as stealing, dacoity, violence and murders. On account of the large scale abuse of drugs in society, world trade in banned drugs has assumed alarming proportions because of the huge profits that can be generated through this trade. Europe has become a centre of this trade. In this illegal trade originating from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Europe, India serves as a transit point.
On account of the disastrous effects of drug addiction, which often proves to be fatal in the long run, several countries of the world have taken very harsh steps to stop this illegal trade. Some countries have imposed death penalty for drug trafficking, Radio, television and other media such as the print media are being used to spotlight the menace of drug abuse and drug trafficking. Relentless efforts are needed to face this menace which is threatening to spoil the lives of our future generations.
Drug addiction not only causes very serious health problems for the individual concerned but also creates problems for his family. An addict remains aloof from the family and his relations with other members of the family become strained, as he becomes a source of worry and tension in the family. Since the procurement of durgs is a costly affair, it becomes an economic problem for the whole family.