Write a note on community health

Write a note on community health.

Most of the people think that personal health is community health, but community health is not only personal health but it is more than that. In fact, the scope of community health is comprised of family of an individual, community and even nation. Hence, it can be said that an individual, who lives in a community, is a constituent of that community. The healthy nature, healthy thoughts and healthy behaviour of its every constituent is community health. The family of an individual, neighbourhood, colony, village, school, caste, city etc. are its constituents, which are included in a community. Only government agencies or institutions are not sufficient for the promotion of community health, but non¬official agencies or institutions also play a very important role in promoting community health. These agencies provide support in encouraging health development, sanitation, cleanliness, health education and healthy behaviour. Such agencies provide their valuable contribution in community health by providing healthful environment as well as healthful services.