Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for the gift

Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for the gift

Dear Uncle XYZ,

How are you? I hope you, Aunty and my cousins are doing well.

When I came back from school yesterday, Mother told me that there was a parcel for me from Kanpur. The moment I saw the box, I was not only surprised but also overwhelmed with joy.

Thank you so much for the gift! It is really nice of you to remember that during my last vacation with you, we had talked about how I was thinking of pursuing baking as a career.

I love the starters kit for baking, Uncle. In a time when most of my friends’ parents are pushing them to prepare for elite careers such as medicine and engineering, you have played an important role in helping me explain to my parents why I would like to choose a different career path. Not only have Mother and Father supported my decision, but they have also promised to enrol me into baking classes after the exams. Now I would like to tell you that I am also paying attention to my studies, and I aim to score well in the exams.

Thank you once again for the gift! I hope you learn something very soon and bake a cake for you when I come there next.

Lots of Love,