Write a letter to your friend telling him about the annual day celebration in your school and write it in 150 to 200 words

Pls ans it experts it is very urgent

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Dear friend,
How are you? I hope fine. You will glad to know that in our school there was an annual day held. It was very wonderful. We all enjoyed it and had very much fun.
The program started at 2:00 pm. First there was a welcome dance. The dancers were doing the dance so nicely. we all saw it amazingly. Nex were the kids of the pre-primary section. Their topic was on seasons. They all did the dance on all the seasons. we all had fun watching it. next were Standard 1 to 4. they danced on the culture of the Indians. Their dance made me remember my own culture. Standard 5th to 10th danced on innumerable dances. We all watched it with great excitement. Finally the program ended at 7:00 pm.
Indeed it was a great annual day. atlast we got icecreams as the food. I and my family reached home around 8:00 pm. you missed the program. Love to your family and wishing you good luck for your exams.

Thanking you your friend,