Write a detailed note on School Games Federation of India

Write a detailed note on School Games Federation of India.

SGFI and its set-up : School Games Federation of India is a voluntary organization which was established in 1954¬55. SGFI made a humble beginning with five states affiliated to it. Now, all the States of India along with centrally sponsored administration are affiliated to this federation. The School Game Federation of India conducts competitions at the national level for various games and sports such as Athletics, Badminton, Football, Cricket, Wrestling, Kabaddi, Gymnastic, Swimming, Handball, Table Tennis, Kho-Kho etc. These competitions are organized for various age groups such as sub-juniors, juniors and seniors. In these competitions, only the school boys and girls who are below the age of 19 years, are entitled to participate. In these games, approximately 20,000 girls and boys participate every year at national level competitions.
Importance : The Government of India provides scholarship for the best individual
performance and teams. It organizes the competition at District, Zonal, State and National levels. It helps to improve the performance of school students. SGFI is also affiliated to the International School Games Federation. The SGFI also provides opportunity to Indian students to participate in competitions which are organized by International School Games Federation.