Write a brief note on reproduction of Platyhelminthes

(a)Flatworms are generally hermaphrodite.However, the anatomy of reproduction system encourages cross fertilization.
(b) Gonads have ducts which leads tp the copulatory organs.
© They are viviparous.
(d) Life history often includes one or more larva stages.
(e) In liver fluke miracidium, sporocyst, redia, cercaria and metacercaria larva are present.
(f) In tapeworm onchosphere, hexacanth and cysticercus larvae are found.
(g) Most of the parasitic forms involve more than one host to complete their life cycle.
(h) Asexual reproduction by transverse fission occurs in some forms.
(i) They also have the power of regeneration.
Examples : Taenia (Tapeworm), Fasciola (Liver fluke), Schistosoma (blood fluke), Echinococcus and Planaria.