Write a brief note on 'Project-Tiger'. Or When was 'Project Tiger' launched ? List out the salient features of this project

‘Project Tiger’ was one of the well published wildlife campaigns in the world launched in 1973. Initially it has shown an increase in tiger population till 1989 but in 1993 the tiger population had dropped. There are 27 tiger reserves in India covering an area of 37,761 sq. km. Tiger conservation has been viewed not only as an effort to save an endangered species but with equal importance as a means of preserving biotypes of sizeable magnitude. For example, Corbett National Park, (Uttaranchal), Sundarbans (West Bengal), Bandhavgarh National Park (Madhya Pradesh), Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary (Rajasthan), Manas Tiger Reserve (Assam), Periyar Tiger Reserve (Kerala) are some of the tiger reserves in India.