“Women were represented as warriors as well as workers in Vietnam in the 1960s.” Analyse the statement with examples


Vietnamese Women as warriors and as workers:

  • Women joined the army and fought bravely against the American troops. They succeeded in shooting down war planes.
  • They were dedicated workers. They carried rifle on their back and worked in the field.
  • Whether young or old, women began to be depicted as selflessly working and fighting to save the country.
  • As casualties in the war increased in the 1960s, women were urged to join the struggle in larger numbers.
  • They were portrayed as young, brave and dedicated.
  • Stories were written to show how happy they felt when they joined the army and could carry a rifle.
  • Some stories spoke of their incredible bravery in single-handedly killing the enemy-Nguyen Thi Xuan, for instance, was reputed to have shot down a jet with just twenty bullets.