With the help of chemical equation explain the process

With the help of chemical equation explain the process of photosynthesis in detail with the help of flow chart ?

A. Process of photosynthesis:

  1. The chemical equation representing the process of photosynthesis is
  2. Photosynthesis may be defined as a photochemical reaction, during which carbohydrates are formed from carbon dioxide and water in the chloroplasts of the green plants in presence of sunlight.
  3. Carbon dioxide, water, light and chlorophyll are essential requirements for photosynthesis.
  4. Glucose, oxygen and water are the products of the reaction. Oxygen is released into the atmosphere.
  5. Photosynthesis have two phases : 1. Light reaction 2. Dark reaction
  6. Light reaction have three steps as
  7. Oxidation of chlorophyll 2) Photolysis 3) Formation of ATP, NADPH2
  8. In dark reaction, CO2 is utilized and finally formed glucose, which is converted and stored as starchSynthesis of glucose occurs in a number of steps using intermediate compounds and