With a labelled diagram describe an actimty to demonstrate "the law of conservation of mass."

(b) Procedure :
• Prepare 5% solution of each: Sodium sulphate and Barium chloride.
• A little amount of sodium sulphate solution is taken in a conical flask and a little solution of barium chloride is taken in an ignition tube.
• Hang the ignition tube in the conical flask carefully as shown in the figure.
• Put a cork on the flask and weigh the flask with its contents.
• Now, tilt and swirl the flask so that the two solutions mixed-up well.
• Weigh the flask again.
© Observation :
• Chemical reaction takes place.
• Weight of the flask remains same before and after the reaction.
(d) Conclusion :
• Total mass of the products = Total mass of the reactants.
(Law of conservation of mass is proved)

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