Why was the expansion of the city of Bombay difficult ? Mention any one way adopted to develop the city

(i) Expansion of the city of Bombay has always posed a problem because of scarcity of land.
(ii) Originally Bombay consisted of seven islands which were joined into one land mass over a period of time.
(iii) The earliest project started in 1784 and a plan to build a great sea wall was approved to prevent flooding of the lowlying areas of Bombay.
(iv) In 1864, the Back Bay Reclamation Company got the right to reclaim the western foreshore from the tip of Malabar Hills to the end of Colaba.
(v) As the population continued to increase, every bit of available area were used for building activities and new areas were reclaimed from the sea under the supervision of Bombay Port Trust. It built a dry dock by 1918, and used excavated land to create 22 acre Ballard.
(vi) Estate and now developed later Marine Drive were developed Later. Bombay now is one of the most important and prosperous cities of India.