Why should the alternative communication systems be installed?

At the time of any major disaster or emergency situation, it is extremely necessary to have the communication links operational between government authorities at various levels and the people/volunteers working in the disaster affected areas to help the affected population.
It becomes imperative to ensure that the critical needs of search and rescue operations, relief and response measyres.are communicated among the authorities of government, local administration, voluntary organisations and the affected population. This situation calls for reliable alternate communication links, which ensure the rapid movement of the right resources to the right place at the right time.
It may also happen that some severely affected areas get completely disconnected from other parts of the world.
In such situations, the urgent needs of the disaster-affected population are not known or communicated to the responsible government authorities, voluntary^prganisations and unaffected population in the vicinity. This may lead to severe losses in terms of human lives, livestock and property.