Why people have more expectations and many complaints from democracy?

Why people have more expectations and many complaints from democracy? Explain.

Democracy gives equal rights and freedom to every individual. All citizens are equal before law of the country. It pushes us into taking a position that democracy can address all socio-economic and political problems.

  • If some of our expectations are not met, we start blaming the idea of democracy.
  • Expectations from democracy also function as the criteria for judging any democratic country. Its examination never gets over. As democracy passes one test, it produces another test. As people get some benefits of democracy, they ask for more and want to make democracy better.
  • When we ask people about the way democracy function, they will always come up with more expectations and many complaints. The fact that people are complaining is itself a testimony to the success of democracy.
  • A public dissatisfaction with democracy shows the success of the democratic project.

The following outcomes one can reasonably expect of the democracy:

  • People should be given popular participation in politics like: Right to vote, Right to contest election and Right to participate in other political affairs.
    Economic inequality and disparity in society should be minimised as soon as possible. In the social field we expect social equality and justice to all. Equal protection should be given to every category of people in societies like woman, OBCs and STs. Gender division should be avoided.
  • Most individuals today believe that their vote makes a difference to the way the government is run and to their own self interest.