Why is the issue of sustainability important for development?

Why is the issue of sustainability important for development? Explain with example that there are other developmental goals also besides income.

MORE income or more material goods do not always provide us a good quality life. There are other aspects such as equal treatment, freedom, security, opportunity to learn, good working condition, pollution free environment, job security and good social life which are very important for good quality life.
Money or material things that one can buy with it, is one factor on which our life depends but quality of our life depends on non-material things, for example: the role of our friends in our life, which cannot be measured but means a lot to us. Another example, if we get a job in far of places before accepting it, we would try consider many factors apart from income such as facilities for our family working atmosphere or opportunity to learn. Similarly for development, people look at a mix of goals. It is true that if women are engaged in paid work, their dignity increases. However, it is also the case that if there is respect for women there would be more sharing of house work and greater acceptance of women.