Why is the growth rate in agriculture decelerating ? How did the Government of India make efforts to modernise agriculture ? Explain

The growth rate in agriculture is decelerating due to :
(i) Reduction in public investment in agriculture especially for irrigation, power, rural roads etc.
(ii) Subsidy on fertilisers has decreased leading to increase in the cost of production.
(iii) Reduction in import on agricultural goods.
(iv) Lack of employment in agriculture.
(v) Erratic nature of monsoon rainfall.
To modernise Indian agriculture the Government of India has taken concerted efforts like :
(i) Setting up of Indian Council of Agricultural Research.
(ii) Agricultural universities, veterinary services and animal breeding centres.
(iii) Horticulture development.
(iv) Research and development in the field of meteorology and weather forecast.
(v) Improvement of rural infrastructure.