Why is replenishment of forests necessary?

Why is replenishment of forests necessary?
Forests need to be replenished because of the following reasons:

  • Rainfall: During transpiration, trees give out enormous amount of water vapour. This water vapour helps in the formation of rain clouds. So, if trees are cut and not replenished, the rainfall in the area will reduce.
  • Natural rate of tree growth: Forests cannot be regrown in a few days or months as trees take many years to grow fully. Thus, it becomes necessary to replenish the forests periodically.
  • Soil erosion: If a large number of trees are cut, the soil becomes naked. The top soil, which is rich in organic matter will be washed away by water or carried away by wind. Trees help in binding the soil.
  • Carbon dioxide-oxygen balance: Forests have a very large number of trees which give out 02 and take in COo in the day by photosynthesis. In this way, they help in maintaining the carbon dioxide-oxygen balance in the atmosphere.
  • Timber and fuel: Forests are the best suppliers of timber for furniture and fuel. So, for their constant supply forests need to be replenished.