Why is rehabilitation of sports injuries necessary ? Detail the aims

Why is rehabilitation of sports injuries necessary ? Detail the aims of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation of sports injuries :
Rehabilitation is necessary for complete healing of the injury. One must not take short cut to come back to join sports again until complete restoration of the function otherwise there are chances of re-injury.
“Recovery of injured or ill person up to the best possible degree of physical, mental and professional fitness” is called rehabilitation. This is done with the help of medical doctors of sports medicine.
W.H.O. has defined rehabilitation as “combined and co-ordinated use of medical, social, educational and vocational measures for training and retraining the individual to the highest possible level of functional ability”.
Aim of Rehabilitation:
(a) To cure a person completely from which he/she might be suffering, so that person is not dependent on family and can perform his essential activities of daily life.
(b) To maintain the physical and psychological status of injured person.
© To prevent re-occurrence of injury while maintaining the available strength and function of the affected and unaffected body parts.
(d) The programme should be progressive in an orderly fashion through a number of planned stages.
The athlete is psychologically motivated and supervised for the duration of programme.