Why is Mumbai (Bombay) known as the 'City of Dreams' ? Give three reasons

Despite being overcrowded and difficult living conditions, Bombay appear^ to many as Mayanagari or a city of dreams.
(i) Thousands of people came here every year looking for a bright career in film industry. Bombay films have contributed in a big way to produce an image of the city as a blend of dream and reality of slums and stars bungalows.
(ii) The first movie was made in 1896. Soon after Dadasaheb Phalke made Raja Harishchandra (1913). After that there was no turning back.
(iii) By 1925 Bombay had become India’s film capital producing films for the national audience. Millions of rupees were invested and by 1987 the film industry employed 520,000 people.