Why is management an inexact science?

Why is management an inexact science?
’Management is neither precise nor as comprehensive as natural and pure sciences’. Explain?
Is management a science? Give three reasons in support of your answer.
Comment on ‘management as a science’.

Science is a systematised body of knowledge that establishes cause and effect relationship.
The basic features of science are:
(i) Systematised body of knowledge Science is a systematised body of knowledge, consisting of principles and theories based on cause and effect relationship.
(ii) Principles based on experimentation
Scientific principles are formed on the basis of observation and experimentation.
(iii) Universal validity Scientific principles are valid and applicable universally.
Management is a science because of the following reasons:
(i) Like science, there is a systematised body of knowledge in management, consisting of theories, principles and concepts.
(ii) Principles of management are evolved after continuous observations and experimentation.
(iii) Like science, some of the principles of management have universal validity, but they are not as exact as principles of pure science.
Conclusion Management is a social science or soft sciences, as it involves the study of human behaviour. Management cannot be as- perfect as natural sciences. Therefore it is an inexact science.